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Since 1998, Farlong Nutraceutical has combined ancient Oriental medicine and modern technology to create a line of natural and safe products that promote a healthy life. Farlong is a vertically integrated herbal ingredient and supplement company with its own GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified cultivation base, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), certified manufacturing facilities and distribution channels for its unique and effective ingredients and formulas, including InnerPure® for colon detoxing, Lifeflower® breviscapine for cognitive health, Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng™ for heart health and AstaBest® Astaxanthin for antioxidant nutrition. Farlong offers contract manufacturing services and ingredients for health and beauty brands to develop proprietary formulas and product lines.


Farlong produces formulas from seed to shelf. Our 6,000-acre GAP farm is located in the Wenshan mountainous area of Yunnan Province, where the soil acidity, sunlight, temperature, rainfall, pressure and altitude enable Panax Notoginseng to achieve the best active components yield. The geographical area of the farm’s location is known for harvesting specific ancient China herbs, proven to benefit the health and improvement for a variety of medical conditions. Farlong combines traditional processing methods with the most advanced techniques, ensuring that all decoction ingredients are transferred to full-spectrum concentrated ingredients while achieving greater levels of stability and clinical effectiveness.

Dietary Supplements

Farlong develops over 20 varieties of condition-specific “made in the U.S.” dietary supplements to improve the health of joints, heart, brain, detoxing, digestive system, immune system and anti-aging.

Botanical Formulations for Professional Use Only (Capsules and Granules)

Farlong develops 50 varieties of granules and capsules distributed via acupunctural practitioner networks.

Chinese Classic Formula (pill form products)

Farlong manufactures over 100 varieties of condition-specific traditional Chinese classic formulas distributed via practitioner networks and herb retail stores.

Herb Dispensing Service

Farlong has a total of seven herb dispensing centers across the U.S. including New York, Maryland, Florida, San Jose and Los Angeles, providing herb prescription fulfillment services to practitioners and patients with over 300 varieties of concentrated single herb granules in stock.

Dietary Ingredients

Farlong is vertically integrated for the best brain and heart botanical ingredients – Ginseng Plus® Notoginseng™ (SanQi) and Lifeflower® Breviscapine. We supply these ingredients to nutraceutical R&D, manufacturing, dietary supplement product, functional food and beverage brand owners.

Quality is always our top priority!

All products are manufactured at our cGMP compliant manufacturer facility which follows strict cGMP standards. The products come with the factory’s self-certified CoA (Certificate of Analysis), and also are verified by a third-party independent laboratory in the U.S. Farlong ensures all quality measurements, specifically heavy metal and pesticide residuals, meet U.S. FDA standards.

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What our logo means!

The middle symbol of the Farlong logo represents the Chinese character of “ĺ·ť,” which means rivers and streams of running water. It symbolizes perpetual streams of water as the continually renewing source of life. At the same time, it represents far and long, signifying positive energy and the flowering of our business.

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