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The Role of Grape Seed Extract in Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation plays an essential role in your body’s healing process. If you’ve ever noticed a cut or scrape turn red and swell slightly, then you’ve seen the effects of inflammation firsthand. When you receive an injury, your body generates an inflammatory response that helps white blood cells and other parts of the defense system get to work on helping you heal.

In a short-term scenario, the inflammatory response is beneficial, but this response can also throw your body off-balance if it goes on too long or impacts parts of your body that aren’t injured. Chronic inflammation robs your body of energy and can tax your immune system to the point that it can’t fight off genuinely serious illnesses.

The food that you eat, along with other lifestyle factors, influences how your body manages inflammation. If your body is constantly exposed to toxins, then it may never be fully capable of stopping the inflammatory response. Or, you may deal with chronic inflammation from a health condition that triggers an overactive immune system. The grape seed extract is known for playing an essential role in lowering inflammation by giving your body what it needs to clear toxins from its systems and keep your immune system functioning properly.

What are Some Health Conditions Linked to Inflammation in the Body?

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Chronic inflammation can lead to symptoms that are often associated with illness or injuries. If the inflammation continues in your body without any efforts to stop it, you might experience fatigue, fever, skin rashes, and chest, joint and abdominal pain.

Many common health conditions are also linked to chronic inflammation, and these include the following:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Certain types of Cancer

Rheumatoid arthritis is one type of health condition that is linked to inflammation, and your body’s immune system can begin to attack your joints and cause pain and swelling. Diabetes is another common condition involving inflammation that develops when blood sugar levels fluctuate dramatically. High blood sugar contributes to inflammatory responses that can impact your eye and skin health, leaving you more vulnerable to common infections.

Considering the widespread effects of inflammation on your body, the realization that natural herbal supplements can help reduce it is heartening. Grape seeds are known for containing components that ease inflammation, which can promote good health throughout your body.

What Is Grape Seed Extract?
The extract is made in a way that is similar to what you might already suspect, given the name of our natural heart health supplement. The simplicity of the extract is a big part of its charm. To make the supplement, a manufacturer removes grape seeds from the fruit and prepares them for use by ensuring that the pulp is cleaned before they move to the next stage of processing. Then, the grape seeds are pulverized into tiny particles that can be put into a capsule for use as a dietary supplement.

Since most people find that grape seeds are bitter and hard to eat in their natural form, the grinding process is critical for helping to release the compounds that aid in reducing inflammation. Occasionally, the pulverized grape seeds are mixed with other natural antioxidants, such as pine bark extract, to generate the highest anti-inflammatory benefits.

What Makes Grape Seed Extract Beneficial for Reducing Inflammation?

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Grape seeds are packed full of antioxidants that include resveratrol, flavonoids, and phenolic acids. Antioxidants work like nature’s little soldiers by neutralizing free radicals that harm the body’s cells. When your body is exposed to toxins, the cells begin to produce free radicals in a process that is called oxidation. Grape seed extract can help support your body’s efforts to stop that process, which helps to prevent inflammation from developing.

Grape seeds also have antibacterial and antifungal properties. When you use an extract, it helps to support your body’s defenses against getting sick from common pathogens, such as those that cause foodborne illnesses. The use of grape seeds for medicinal purposes even goes as far back as the ancient Chinese health practitioners that used the seeds to care for people with yeast infections and other fungal ailments.

While you’ll still need to take the appropriate precautions to avoid falling ill, an extract made from grape seeds can help you avoid activating your immune system, which is a common cause of inflammation.

What Health Benefits Can You See From Using Anti-Inflammatory Supplements?
The extract from grape seeds is especially beneficial for people who need support to maintain their heart health. The extract is known to work especially well for lowering high blood pressure in people with obesity or metabolic disorders, and it has been shown to help lower bad cholesterol levels in some individuals. Combining the extract with a heart-healthy diet can support your efforts to improve your cardiovascular health.

Taking a grape seed supplement also comes with the potential to improve blood flow throughout your body. The components in grape seeds can have the effect of thinning your blood, which makes clots less likely. With better blood flow, you can also feel certain that more antioxidants are able to reach the various organs in your body.

One of the main reasons why grape seeds reduce inflammation is that the antioxidants they contain help to reduce oxidative stress within the cells. Maintaining cellular health can show up as a higher overall energy level and fewer colds. You can also see the effects on the outside of your body as clearer skin that shows fewer signs of inflammation.

Certain neurodegenerative health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, are linked to inflammation in the brain that causes issues that include memory loss and other forms of cognitive decline. As you reduce inflammation in your brain, your risk of developing these conditions may decrease. If you already have a diagnosis, doing what you can by using a natural antioxidant may help you maintain as much of your cognitive functioning as possible.

What Else Can You Do to Lower Inflammation?

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Every move you make to live a healthier lifestyle works along with the others to create a comprehensive healthy living plan. Taking your health supplements is a great start, and you can help them be more effective by avoiding known toxins in your diet and environment. Choosing natural, organic food sources whenever possible reduces the number of free radicals that develop in your body. Wearing sunscreen, avoiding smoking, and drinking alcohol also help to reduce the inflammatory response.

If you have a known health condition, such as IBS, then make sure to continue to follow your treatment plan. Avoiding foods that you know might trigger inflammation within your digestive system can prevent your body from being overloaded and allows your body to process the grape seed extract properly so that you feel the maximum effects.

People with inflammation need to be especially cautious about choosing natural herbal supplements from sources that they can trust. Farlong Nutraceutical has demonstrated the ability to go above and beyond the required safety standards for health supplement manufacturing. Our grape seed extract is free of impurities that could counteract its effectiveness, and we’ve even included red wine and pine bark extracts to enhance the inflammation-reducing properties further. Taking two capsules twice a day is all it may take to ease inflammation and feel the effects of prioritizing your health.

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