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Farlong specializes in unique and effective nutritional ingredients and formulas, including InnerPure, Lifeflower, Notoginseng with two US patented ingredients, notoginsenosides (US patent # 6500468 ) and breviscapinin (US Patent #6084080). Farlong owns these unique formulas and trademarks of InnerPure, Lifeflower and LiverPure. They are also registered in the TrueLabel programs certified by NNFA.

Farlong’s unique products are being sold in more than 300 ginseng/vitamin stores and pharmacies across the US including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Guam. Farlong now has further expanded its sales channel to the world including Canada, UK, France, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and so forth.

The Farlong management and research team strongly believes that good health is of great concern to everyone. Having chosen the health profession as our career, we guarantee our customers that we will devote all of our knowledge and efforts to serve the industry and the public health.