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Ginseng Plus®

Ginseng Plus® supports heart health.

Product Details

NOT-003 Ginseng Plus® Notoginseng Extract (Notoginseng Total Saponins ≥85%, HPLC)

NOT-004 Ginseng Plus® Notoginseng Extract (Notoginseng Total Saponins ≥75%, HPLC)

Saponins List:

Notoginsenoside R1, Assay: >5%, CAS#: 80418-24-2

Ginsenoside Rg1, Assay: >25%, CAS#: 22427-39-0

Ginsenoside Re, Assay: >2.5%, CAS#: 51542-56-4

Ginsenoside Rb1, Assay: >30%, CAS#: 41753-43-9

Ginsenoside Rb, Assay: >5%, CAS#: 52705-93-8

Chemical Nature: Dietary Ingredient

Common Name: Panax Notoginseng Extract, Panax Notoginseng Saponins, PNS, Notoginsenosides

We Guarantee the Best Quality

Our notoginseng is grown in a high-elevation region in Yunnan, China. In controlled environments under strict accordance with modern pharmaceutical GAP, cGMP and US FDA standards. Each crop undergoes frequent inspection and testing by experts. Utilizing both pressure and ultrasound wash, ensures removal of all residues and non-plant content.


7S Authentic Certification

  1. Geographic Features 
  2. GAP Cultivation
  3. cGMP Manufacturing
  4. Laboratory Test
  5. GSP Packaging
  6. GSP Logistic and Warehousing
  7. Seed-to-Sale Traceability

Scientific Evidence

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Following Test Report Available Upon Request

  1. Stability Test Report 
  2. Toxicity and Genetic Tests 
  3. Toxicological Safety Evaluation Report

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