IN THE NEWS: Natural Products News Briefs: ADM, Nutriventia, Dave’s Killer Bread & More

Farlong Nutraceutical was recently featured in Whole Food Magazine!


“Nutriventia showcases perks of sustained-release caffeine

CaffXtend sustained-release caffeine capsules from Nutriventia provide energy-balance benefits and mental performance over immediate-release caffeine supplements, according to new research. The study, published in The Journal of Dietary Supplements, was a randomized, single-dose, two-treatment, two-sequence, two-period, two-way crossover oral bioavailability trial. Fifteen healthy subjects supplemented with 200-mg sustained-release caffeine (CaffXtend) and 200 mg immediate-release caffeine. Findings: The mean time to reach maximum concentration was more than four times longer than that of immediate-release caffeine. In the caffeine research visual analog scale (Caff-VAS) evaluation, the sustained-release caffeine group showed significantly better scores for “jittery,” tiredness,” “alertness,” and “overall mood” for 8-12 hours than the immediate-release caffeine group. No adverse events were reported.”

Read the entire article in Whole Foods Magazine here.

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