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Health Benefits of Astaxanthin for Men & Women

Antioxidants are an essential component of your diet, and astaxanthin is powerful. While you can eat all of the fruits and vegetables you want, you will likely not get enough of this antioxidant in your diet. This is because it only exists in trace amounts in natural sources in such small amounts that you can eat enough of it to make a difference.

The primary source of this natural antioxidant is microalgae that produces it as a response to light or stressors in its environment. You’ll also see astaxanthin’s red coloring in the appearance of other sources such as lobsters, shrimp, krill, and crabs. You can even find it in flamingos. Since people don’t eat the main sources of this antioxidant, you’ll often find it in men’s and women’s health supplements so that you can take advantage of its potency.

Why Consume Astaxanthin?


Like other antioxidants, this one has the benefit of clearing out free radicals in your body that can lead to poor health. Scientists have also found that it is more potent than other antioxidants such as beta carotene and lycopene. When you use supplements that contain this antioxidant, it can provide a wide range of benefits throughout your body that include the following.

  • boost your immune system
  • prevent brain-related health problems
  • slow down the aging process
  • keep joints in good health

You’ll also find that supplementing your diet with astaxanthin offers these additional benefits that give you a better overall sense of well-being.

Protect Your Skin From Rapid Aging

The primary reason why you’ll start to see the signs of aging in your skin comes down to the damaging effects of the sun. Each time you expose your skin to the sun, the UV rays start to cause changes in the cells. Eventually, this leads to problems such as the breaking down of collagen in your skin that gives it elasticity. When you take an anti-aging supplement, you put antioxidants into your body that are capable of reducing free radicals that contribute to skin damage. You can also use this natural supplement to soothe inflammation that occurs after a sunburn and encourage faster healing.

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Help Your Body Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Today, approximately one-third of adults have pre-diabetes, and many others have the full-blown version of this condition. One of the reasons why your pancreas may not be able to produce insulin at the appropriate levels is oxidative stress within the cells. Taking this anti-aging supplement can also have an impact upon other parts of your body by slowing down the destruction of cells that regulate essential processes. Using this supplement, along with the rest of the recommendations on your treatment plan, can help you to maintain your body’s normal production of insulin.

Give Your Heart a Boost

Heart disease is the leading killer of women, which is why you’ll frequently see this antioxidant as being a recommended addition to women’s health supplements. Astaxanthin helps the cardiovascular system function properly in several essential ways. First, it can help eliminate bad cholesterol in your body, which helps prevent blood clots and the hardening of the arteries. It also helps to maintain proper levels of lipids in your bloodstream. As it provides benefits to your blood vessels in arteries, it has the culminating benefit of helping the blood flow more freely throughout your body so that it reaches every vital organ.

protect your immune system

Make It Easier to Fight Off Diseases

The importance of caring for your immune system might have taken on a higher priority during the pandemic. Today, you may already be doing things such as spending time in the sunlight and exercising more to keep your body strong. While these are effective, adding another immune booster to your daily health regimen doesn’t hurt. Oxidative stress has the negative effect of slowing down your immune system. Since it must divert resources to repairing and producing new cells, your immune system doesn’t have enough energy to fight off many common diseases. Using this antioxidant to take the burden of eliminating free radicals off of your immune system frees it up for preventing you from getting sick if you get exposed to bacteria or viruses.

Maintain Good Liver Health

Your heart, brain, and immune system are all important. Still, people often overlook the fact that their liver is also a critical part of their body to take care of. Your liver works nonstop to filter out impurities from your bloodstream, and it takes a beating every time you eat fatty foods or ingest too many chemicals in your diet. Astaxanthin aids in maintaining proper liver function by reducing inflammation associated with unhealthy eating habits and obesity. Since the liver is filled with blood vessels, the cardiovascular benefits also help to ensure that this organ is constantly being nourished with oxygen-rich blood. If you have fatty liver, you’ll need to take steps to prevent your condition from worsening. Using natural supplements can enhance your efforts toward supporting better liver health.

Strengthen Your Physical Performance

Exercising is another effective way to get blood flowing throughout your body. This natural antioxidant works with other supplements such as notoginseng to boost your performance by stimulating healthy blood flow and oxygen levels to have more energy. Strengthening your physical performance means that each step you take on your morning run has more of an impact on your overall health.

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You don’t have to spend your time eating sockeye salmon or lobster plates to take advantage of one of the most potent antioxidants in the world. Instead, Farlong Nutraceutical produces a supplement that contains 12 mg of astaxanthin in one simple soft gel capsule. As you focus on ways to get more antioxidants into your body, give this one a try. You’ll soon be able to see the benefits that it brings for giving you better overall health and vitality.

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