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  • Helps to support Heart and Vascular Health *
  • Helps to improve Physical Performance and Stamina *
  • Helps to maintain healthy levels of blood pressure*
  • Helps in the reduction of Fatigue by increasing healthy energy levels*

Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng Extract contains at least 75% of total saponins including Notoginsenoside R1, Ginsenoside Rg1, Re, Rb1, and Rd as the active compounds. It is extracted from Panax Notoginseng root. It’s GRAS self-affirmed to be used as an ingredient in food, beverage and dietary supplement. The recommended dosage is 200mg per person per day.

Product Details

  • NOT-003 Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng Extract (Total Saponins ≥85%, HPLC)
  • NOT-004 Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng Extract (Total Saponins ≥75%, HPLC)
  • NOT-005 Panax Notoginseng Raw Powder (100 Mesh) (Total Saponins ≥5%, HPLC)
  • NOT-006 Panax Notoginseng Root Ultrafine Raw Powder (200 Mesh) (Total Saponins ≥5%, HPLC)
  • FLI-10 Panax Notoginseng Root Steamed Powder (Total Saponins ≥4.5%, HPLC)

Saponins List

  • Notoginsenoside R1, Assay: >5%, CAS#: 80418-24-2
  • Ginsenoside Rg1, Assay: >25%, CAS#: 22427-39-0
  • Ginsenoside Re, Assay: >2.5%, CAS#: 51542-56-4
  • Ginsenoside Rb1, Assay: >30%, CAS#: 41753-43-9
  • Ginsenoside Rb, Assay: >5%, CAS#: 52705-93-8
  • Chemical Nature: Dietary Ingredient
  • Common Name: Panax Notoginseng Extract, Panax Notoginseng Saponins, PNS, Notoginsenosides, Sanqi Extract
Notoginseng growing in a controlled environment

We Guarantee the Best Quality

Our notoginseng is grown in a high-elevation region in Yunnan, China. In controlled environments under strict accordance with modern pharmaceutical GAP, cGMP and US FDA standards. Each crop undergoes frequent inspection and testing by experts. Utilizing both pressure and ultrasound wash, ensures removal of all residues and non-plant content.

Ginseng quality control equipment



7S Authentic Certification

  1. Geographic Features
  2. GAP Cultivation
  3. cGMP Manufacturing
  4. Laboratory Test
  5. GSP Packaging
  6. SP Logistic and Warehousing
  7. Seed-to-Sale Traceability


  • Baked Food
  • Sports Drink
  • Smoothie
  • Nutrition & Chocolate Bar
  • Dietary Supplement

Estimated Daily Intake


Appearance & Solubility

  • Fine White Powder
  • Water Soluble
  • Slightly Bitter

Self-Affirmed GRAS | cGMP | Vertical Integration

Scientific Evidence

Additional studies of panax notoginseng are documented on the website, NCBI (US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health). Search using key word: panax notoginseng 

Panax notoginseng
sanchi ginseng, san-qi ginseng, tienchi ginseng
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History of record

ORIGINAL RESEARCH BY: Oren Rabinowitz, MSc July 2019
LATEST UPDATES BY: Oren Rabinowitz, MSc December 2019


Following Test Report Available Upon Request

  1. Stability Test Report
  2. Toxicity and Genetic Tests
  3. Toxicological Safety Evaluation Report

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

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