Farlong Nutraceutical Concludes 90-Day Clinical Study to Determine Safety and Efficacy of Cognitive Health Supplement, Farlong Lifeflower® Breviscapine

February 7, 2023

Peer-reviewed results demonstrated positive impact on brain health and function

Walnut, CA – Farlong Nutraceutical, a vertically integrated, plant-based ingredient and supplement company, conducted a 90-day double blind, randomized, placebo controlled, parallel study to determine the safety and efficacy of Farlong Lifeflower® Breviscapine on improving long and short-term memory, concentration, and clarity of thinking in healthy individuals.

Conducted by clinician Melanie Montgomery, Ph.D., of Clinical Studies USA, the partially grant-funded study consisted of 160 healthy individuals divided into four study groups, with the first given one placebo capsule twice daily, and the other three groups receiving different daily

doses of Farlong Lifeflower® Breviscapine – 100 mg, 200 mg, and 400 mg each. Every 30 days, subjects were given three separate evaluations to assess their cognitive thinking, concentration, clarity of thought and general brain functions, along with having vital signs checked and bloodwork analyzed.

Upon conclusion of the 90-day period, an expert panel committee concluded that Lifeflower® Breviscapine was shown to be safe, effective, and well tolerated with no negative impact on any organs or systems, and no interactions, sensitivities, or side effects reported during the study. The expert panel committee concluded that Lifeflower® enhances the pharmacological effects of Erigeron Breviscapus and its active ingredients for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, metabolism, and the pharmacological mechanisms of active ingredients.

The most significant positive impacts were seen in the MEM Trax cognitive thinking tests that were given – a psychological test designed to measure a person’s cognitive abilities and intellectual potential that was developed to test the type of memory most associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Participants also experienced positive changes over the 90 days in their A1c; Mini-Mental Status Exam (MMSE), a cognitive screening tool that provides a brief, objective measure of cognitive function; and during their Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), a brief, 30-question test that helps healthcare professionals detect cognitive impairments very early on, allowing for faster diagnosis and patient care.

The study was also peer-reviewed by M. Rubin MD, who believes the results are accurate and supported scientifically, making Lifeflower® Breviscapine a safe and effective product for human uses. He concluded that this study designates the best dose for Lifeflower® Breviscapine and that all necessary blood work was completed to indicate this product should produce no significant side effects.

Lifeflower® Breviscapine is an active flavonoid component extracted from Erigeron Breviscapus, containing more than 90 percent of scutellarin. Scutellarin has been shown to enhance memory, cognitive function and brain health; increase brain circulation; and promote the development of new blood vessels. A series of safety and efficacy studies were conducted, and an expert panel committee concluded that Lifeflower® Breviscapine manufactured consistent with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for use as an ingredient in yogurt, nutritional bars, smoothies at 84 mg per serving, and dietary supplements at 200 mg per person per day.

Additional Farlong ingredient studies:
Farlong recently completed a 30-day double blind, randomized placebo-controlled, study to determine the safety and effectiveness of InnerPure® Colon Detox , which found that 100% of subjects experienced positive and healthy improvements in their daily bowel movements and the subjects on InnerPure® lost an average of four to five pounds during the 30-day study. In 2020, the company completed a three-year clinical trial in North America to determine the effects of Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng™ extract, which demonstrated that Farlong NotoGinseng™ (Farlong Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng extract) supplementation was well tolerated and may have a positive influence on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease by improving blood pressure and HDL-C. The trial results are published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, Current Nutraceuticals Journal by Bentham Science.

About Farlong Nutraceutical:
Farlong is a science-based and vertically integrated functional ingredient and formula provider who has more than 24 years of experience focusing on discovering, developing, and providing safe, effective, and unique medicinal herbs, plant extracts, and formulas with its own GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified cultivation base, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified manufacturing facilities and distribution channels. Combining ancient Oriental medicine and modern technology, Farlong develops its own line of natural supplement brands, while offering contract manufacturing services and ingredients for health and beauty companies to create proprietary formulas and product lines. For more information, visit Farlong.com for supplements and 400+ ingredients, and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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