Farlong Nutraceutical Announces Distributor Partnership with Global Natural Products Supplier, Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

July 14, 2022

Nutraceutical partners to launch “Foci-Farlong” joint brand of Traditional Chinese Medicine products

Walnut, CA – Farlong Nutraceutical, a vertically integrated, plant-based ingredient and supplement company, has established a distribution partnership with Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. The agreement positions Farlong to serve as the U.S. distributor of Lanzhou Foci’s best selling classical herbal formula teapills.

Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical

Farlong Nutraceutical will be distributingfive well-known, co-branded functional Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical formulas in the nourishment category, including Liu Wei Di Huang Wan.

Farlong Nutraceutical is committed to the introduction of genuine domestic products, and will soon join hands with Foci Pharmaceutical in the U.S. to release “Foci-Farlong,” a joint brand of proprietary Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products. The Foci products introduced by Farlong Nutraceutical are all genuine, providing consumers in the U.S. with accessible channels to purchase authentic Foci products.

The initial launch includes five well-known, co-branded functional formulas in the nourishment category, including Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Xiao Yao, Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan and Gui Pi Wan.

“Lanzhou Foci is a household name in China because of its reputation and history of being one of the best and the oldest TCM manufacturers,” said Jing Struve, executive director of Farlong Nutraceutical. “With its deep roots, excellent quality and brand awareness, the partnership allows us to serve more people across the U.S., as the products will be offered and easily accessible through our online store, neighborhood vitamin stores, and naturopathic practitioners and clinics.”

Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co.

Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.was founded by Hui Guan Yu in 1929.

Following the initial launch phase, the partnership is expected to expand and include more than 30 of Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical’s best selling classical formula teapills to complement Farlong’s existing roster of natural products.

Founded in Shanghai in 1929 and moved west to Lanzhou in 1956, Foci Pharmaceutical is a “Chinese time-honored brand” enterprise with a pharmaceutical history of 93 years. Foci Pharmaceutical maintains the “five firsts” in the history of the development of TMC in China: the first enterprise in China to implement the industrial production of TCM; the first production enterprise in China to adopt the Western manufacture of TCM and pioneers – the concentrated pill form of TCM; the first jointstock company of China’s pharmaceutical enterprises; China’s first Farlong Nutraceutical will be distributing five well-known, co-branded functional Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical formulas in the nourishment category, including Liu Wei Di Huang Wan.

Chinese proprietary medicine export enterprise; and China’s first Chinese medicine production enterprise to produce GMP certification through drug quality standardization. Foci Pharmaceutical is one of the first “Chinese time-honored brand” enterprises recognized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the “Foci” trademark is widely recognized throughout China. Its products are sold throughout the country and exported to the United States, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Uzbekistan, and more, totaling 30 countries and regions. The enterprise has been ranked among the top ten Chinese medicine export enterprises in China for several consecutive years and was rated by the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of TCM as one of the first backbone enterprises in the country’s first group of TCM service trade.

Farlong creates natural and herbal supplements to promote a healthy and natural life, focusing on top quality ingredients and ancient roots. The company provides contract manufacturing services and more than 400 unique ingredients for health and beauty brands to develop proprietary formulas and product lines, and also produces its own consumer line of natural supplements from seed to shelf. Farlong’s GAP certified farms are located in Yunnan Province, a geographical area known for harvesting specific medicinal herbs, proven to benefit the health and improvement for a variety of health conditions. Combining ancient Oriental medicine and modern technology, Farlong develops unique and effective formulas including Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng™ for heart health, Lifeflower® Breviscapine for cognitive health, AstaBest® Astaxanthin for antioxidant nutrition, and InnerPure® for detoxing.

About Farlong Nutraceutical:
Farlong is a science-based and vertically integrated functional ingredient and formula provider who has more than 24 years of experience focusing on discovering, developing, and providing safe, effective, and unique medicinal herbs, plant extracts, and formulas with its own GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified cultivation base, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified manufacturing facilities and distribution channels. Combining ancient Oriental medicine and modern technology, Farlong develops its own line of natural supplement brands, while offering contract manufacturing services and ingredients for health and beauty companies to create proprietary formulas and product lines. For more information, visit Farlong.com for supplements and 400+ ingredients, and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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