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Liquid Calcium + D3

  • When you were little, you were likely told to drink your milk so that you would have strong bones. While there is some calcium in milk, you may find that you need to use natural herbal supplements to get enough of this essential nutrient now that you are older. For some people, dairy products are entirely off the table due to issues with digesting lactose. For others, it just makes sense to use a supplement that does not add calories to their diet and supports a healthy lifestyle. Although there are several different forms of supplements that you can use, you should be aware of these two significant benefits of liquid calcium for enhancing your well-being.
  • Maintain Good Bone and Joint Health
  • As you get older, your bones begin to lose their mass. This is especially common in women who are going through the normal hormonal changes that occur with menopause, yet even men are vulnerable to weakened bones and joints. If your bones get weak enough, they can break during a minor accident, such as a fall, that you would have once been able to shake off. Liquid calcium helps to support healthy joints by strengthening the bones and ligaments that surround them, and having enough of this nutrient is vital for maintaining the muscles in the joints to contract and relax. This is especially important for older adults who may not recover fully from an injury. Teens and young adults who live active lifestyles may also need to make sure that they get enough calcium to prevent injuries and heal properly if one occurs.
  • Improve the Body's Ability to Absorb Calcium
  • Getting the proper amount of calcium to maintain healthy joints and bones can be an issue for many people. Your body may not properly digest food products that contain calcium, and some supplements such as tablets take longer to break down in your body. Liquid calcium is available in soft gel capsules that provide for fast absorption within your body. This makes it possible for the calcium to be sent through your bloodstream to the areas where it is needed most such as your bones.

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