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IN THE NEWS: Farlong Pharmaceutical Launches New Herbal Supplement Product, Steamed Notoginseng Powder

October 14, 2019

IN THE NEWS: Farlong Pharmaceutical Launches New Herbal Supplement Product, Steamed Notoginseng Powder

Farlong Pharmaceutical, a vertically integrated, plant-based ingredient and supplement company, recently released a new product, Steamed Notoginseng Powder. The dietary supplement is found to nourish blood, relieve fatigue, improve immunity and promotes radiant skin, according to clinical studies.

Farlong’s Steamed Notoginseng Powder has received the first 7S Authentic Herbal Medicine Certification in China. The quality control is traceable from seed to final product, as raw materials are planted in "YunSanQi" GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified cultivation base and processed with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified deep cleaning and manufacturing technologies, avoiding the loss of active ingredients. Pesticides and heavy metal residues of the product meet the U.S. and international standards. The suggested dosage is 3g once or twice daily with warm water, preferably before a meal.

When referring to notoginseng, Chinese herbalists and experts often say “Sheng da shu bu” in Mandarin. “Sheng da” means that when used in raw form, it can stop bleeding and promote blood circulation, dilated swelling, support heart function and relieve pain. “Shu bu” means that steamed notoginseng can help nourish and replenish blood, and tonify health while improving immunity.

Studies have shown that the components isolated from notoginseng currently contain more than 80 kinds of saponins, flavonoids, volatile oils, amino acids, polysaccharides, starches, proteins, and other nutrients. After being steamed, the composition of these nutrients change to some extent, causing the health benefits to decrease sequentially. Alternatively, steamed notoginseng has protective effects on blood cells and platelets, and also has a positive effect on the proliferation of multifunctional hematopoietic stem cells, helping nourish the blood. It also can improve immunity, enhance physical fitness and relieve fatigue. Steamed notoginseng contains antioxidants and may promote skin blood circulation, regulate endocrine and reduce pigmentation and other unwanted symptoms.

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